Sonija Telles & Regina Colon August Outdoor Wedding

Congratulations to the newly married couple. On August 22nd, they renewed their marriage with a Courthouse Alternative Wedding Package.

Sonija Telles & Regina Colon August Outdoor Wedding

It was time for August to draw to a close. Children had started back at school and the air was light and refreshing. With all of this renewal and fresh starts came the wedding of Sonija Telles & Regina Colon who were married on August 22nd of 2015 at noon, at the intimate venue of Pine Manor.

These lovely ladies were reviving their marriage with another ceremony as this was their second time becoming married to one another. Nothing like this time of year to renew one of the best aspects of your life, your marriage. These two women exchanged their rings once again after they were blessed by family and friends as part of their ring warming ceremony.  While one bride was given away by her son, her wife stood waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Since the last time they had married, they had realized that “their love had matured into a love that could bear all.” Joined in the company of 20 guests these ladies had a wonderful time. Their flowers, beautiful blue and white combinations making up a bouquet, two bridesmaids bouquets, boutineers, and wrist corsage, gave a refreshing smell to the venue as music played quietly in the background. For more information about their Courthouse Alternative Wedding package check out THIS website.


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