Gray and Yellow Wedding Gallery for Eliza & Yaritza Castillo

Married together as one on December 29th 2015. Eliza & Yaritza Castillo were married at noon with a gorgeous yellow and gray winter wedding.

Gray and Yellow Wedding Gallery for Eliza & Yaritza Castillo

Even though it was a chilly winter afternoon there was nothing but a loving and warm atmosphere felt in the room during this wedding. These lovebirds definitely know how to rock their wedding day.  Eliza and Yaritza Castillo were married at Pine Manor at noon on December 29 2015. Their color scheme of yellow and gray rang a very strong melody of the “You are my sunshine” song as they enjoyed their afternoon together with their guests.

As the brides got ready apart from one another, they eagerly awaited being able to see one another. Their flowers, made by Rev. Pam included callalillies, white roses, and other yellow flowers. The brides were ready, and the white carpet was rolled for the ceremony to commence. This beautiful couple found ways to incorporate different guest. With bridesmaids in long gray dressed, having one of their mothers tie their red,white, and blue handfasting cord. The brother of the bride, in the nontraditional, and yet still rocking it yellow wedding dress, gave her away to Yaritza who was rocking the gray suit. The kids carried in the cord and the rings as the ceremony started. And finally to engage all of the guests the couple preformed a ring warming ceremony for all their guest to put their best wishes into the ring. Following the ceremony was a wine, and cake reception, as guests mingled and enjoyed themselves, smiles filled the room. The guests danced along to the custom-made set list played through the manor’s sound system. For more information about their Best Value Wedding package check THIS out. Pine Manor wishes these two eternal love and happiness and would like to end with this quote for them to always remember. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray, you’ll never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away.”-You are my sunshine.



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