David Pistone & Craig Moore Blue Personalized Wedding

Congratulation to the amazing couple of Craig and David, Married on December 3rd.

David Pistone & Craig Moore Blue Personalized Wedding

While it was not quite yet winter, it sure felt like it. And while the weather outside was chilled, the love and warmth felt between David Pistone & Craig Moore was strong. Married at 12:30 pm on December 3, 2015 at Pine Manor. This couple was wonderful to work with.

These handsome men suited up for their wedding day in the best way, enjoying life in comfort with their family and guests. These love birds kept their wedding small with only 18 guests. An extra special feature that they choose to include in their wedding was being able to have some of those who weren’t able to attend to join them over Skype, which is a special feature that can be included in any package. When it came time for the ceremony, David’s mother gave him away to his eagerly awaiting groom. David requested flowers to really make his attire had some really personalized touches.  Rev. Pam made sure not to let them down, making sure to include their color, blue, as well as ivy leaves. To follow the bouquet and to add a cohesive nature between the couple, Craig wore a boutineer matched to David’s bouquet. These love birds asked every one in attendance to participate in their  ring warming ceremony before they exchanged rings, and of course, their vows. Following their ceremony these great gents requested, “The Wedding Song” to dance to as well as a non alcoholic toasting. The couple brought great bottles with labels that celebrated the important thing for that day, THEIR WEDDING. Making things even more delicious was their cake reception, where Continental delivered a fresh two layered cake. It was a yellow cake with fresh strawberry filling as well as blue flowers for adornment. For more information about their Best Value Wedding package check THIS out. Pine Manor wishes these two men nothing but blue skies, and happy days in these upcoming years.

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