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LGBT Event Out Chicago Feb 5th

Announcing live interview with Rev Pam of Same Sex Wedding Venue, Pine Manor Chicago during the remote broadcast of OUT CHICAGO at D. S. Tequila Co in Chicago.  Tune in to listen live on WCPT 820 am Radio February 5th between 11am – 2pm or better yet – come down and introduce yourself! This should be tons of fun! 

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Queer Athletes Stand out at The Olympics, How to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

While LGBTQ+ recognition doesn’t happen often, a record number of Rio Olympic athletes identify as LGB this year.   Never before have there been so many out athletes. According to, “In 2008, 12 LGBT athletes participated in Beijing. In London in 2012, that number rose to 22. Now, in Rio, there are 43.


Gay is OK at Pine Manor


Same Sex LGBTQ Safe and Intimate Wedding Location in Chicago



In a world that is facing harsh discrimination for gender, race, identity, and sexuality, it is important to recognize and appreciate others differences. Here at Pine Manor we would like to recognize each of those things that make your background unique and highlight them. Pine Manor is an accepting and safe location for all those who wish to celebrate one of the biggest milestones in your life. Your marriage.