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LGBT Event Out Chicago Feb 5th

Announcing live interview with Rev Pam of Same Sex Wedding Venue, Pine Manor Chicago during the remote broadcast of OUT CHICAGO at D. S. Tequila Co in Chicago.  Tune in to listen live on WCPT 820 am Radio February 5th between 11am – 2pm or better yet – come down and introduce yourself! This should be tons of fun! 


A 30 Day Guide to Getting Married, Just in Time for the Holidays

As the season begins to wind down, the exciting opportunity to have a wonderful winter wonderland wedding is upon you. If you’re looking for a fabulous holiday wedding that can be planned in the next 30 days then stop looking much further, and let us help you get it all sorted out.


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Picture this. It’s you’re wedding day. Everything had gone perfectly, but then, everyone starts to post pictures on social media. They’re too bright and contrasted, everything looks blindingly white, what a disappointment. Or even worse, all the photos that your friends and family took are devastatingly dark, and you can’t make out any of the details that you put so much time and effort into planning.

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Queer Athletes Stand out at The Olympics, How to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

While LGBTQ+ recognition doesn’t happen often, a record number of Rio Olympic athletes identify as LGB this year.   Never before have there been so many out athletes. According to, “In 2008, 12 LGBT athletes participated in Beijing. In London in 2012, that number rose to 22. Now, in Rio, there are 43.


My Favorite Lesbian Wedding Portraits

Hi Ya-all. Rev Pam here with a few photographs of lesbian couples I’m pretty proud of.  These are images that have been shot here at Pine Manor my most of which I have shot myself… as part of the add-on $50 couples portrait session or the $100 couple and their group photo package. If you’re interested in shopping wedding packages, Pine Manor’s capacity is 32.