Now Trending: iOS 10 Updates & Rainbow Weddings


Now Trending: iOS 10 Updates & Rainbow Weddings

Calling all techies out there, get ready for this great new addition heading for your phone very soon.

Although the rainbow has been included in the apple emoji list, for since what seems like forever. Apple released just a few short days ago that in their new iOS 10 update, the Pride flag will be a part of their new line-up. In addition to this, more female athlete and professional emoji’s will soon to be appearing. While this may seem like a tiny thing, it can have a big significance. The acceptance of this emoji promotes the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ and maybe, as others see it more, the familiarity of what it represents, as a symbol of empowerment and pride. This little flag has the ability to hold a lot of power.

So where did this little flag come from? It was first created by an artist, and drag queen from San Francisco. His name was Gilbert Baker and he wanted a flag that gave the gay rights movement a unified image. The many colors of the rainbow signify diversity and its brightness stands for pride, joy, and energy.

A fun fact that some may not realize about the flag design that is known all over the place these days is that it used to have 8 colors, each with a different meaning and representation. The design has since undergone several revisions due to the availability of fabrics. The six-color version has been popular since 1979 and includes red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet. Shown below are all the original colors with their original meaning.

Hot pink — Sexuality
Red — Life
Orange — Healing
Yellow — Sunlight
Green — Nature
Turquoise — Magic/art
Indigo/Blue — Serenity/harmony
Violet — Spirit

The rainbow flag now has a wide variety of usage throughout the community to show LGBTQ+ identity and solidarity. The vibrancy and meaning of the colors can be used for a fantastic color scheme. Whether you choose one or two of the colors, or the entire spectrum, make sure to check out all the different way to include a little extra color into your wedding.

1. Rainbow Votives Down the Stairs Buring the Reception

2. Floral Arrangements Made by Rev. Pam

3. Bride’s or Groom’s Choice of Attire

4. Mixed Gender Wedding Party

5. Mix and Matched Rainbow Dresses

6. Colorful Tablecloths

7. Wedding Ceremony Explaining the Symbolism of the Colors and What They Mean to You as a Couple

8. Variety of Different Colored Converse Shoes

9. Brightly Colored Flavored Drinks

10. Rainbow Eyeliner/Eyeshadow

11. Hand Out a Variety of Different Colored Sunglasses to Your Guests

12. Include a Rainbow Watercolor Design on Your Invitations

13. Striped Rainbow Dinner Napkins

14. Colored Groomsmen Accessories

15. 6 Beaded Necklaces One for Each Color on the Flag for Each Member of the Wedding Party

16. Invite Your Guests to Dress in Their Favorite Color

To see how couples incorporated color into their own weddings, here at Pine Manor check out this fun gallery below. This article was inspired in part by these website shown HERE and HERE. Pine Manor is a very open, and friendly wedding venue for couples of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities and sizes. However you wish to show your personal pride is up to you, but how you can incorporate your true colors into your wedding, let us help you with that.

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