Now Trending: Pets at Your Wedding


Now Trending: Pets at Your Wedding

Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH NO. Kittens, Dogs, and reptiles, OH YES.

They’ve always said that a dog is man’s best friend. And if that’s true why are you leaving your pets at home on one of the biggest days of your life? If you’re looking for a way to include your dog, or other pets in your wedding, check out these ideas.

1. Use them to Purpose:

Tying a wedding ring onto the collar of your pets collar is an intimate small act that can give a surprise in the everyday routine of you and your soon to be spouses normal day-to-day doings.

2. Engagement Photos:

Before the wedding even starts, maybe even months before, include your pets in your  engagement photos. Weather you include them in the actual photo shoot, or just take a few shots yourself, dogs add some extra definite cuteness.

3. Save the Date Announcement cards:

Having your pet stand in front of the two of you with a sign announcing your date allows for you too to take a step back out of the limelight. When taking this photo have your dog and sign in focus, while the two of you are blurred behind them.

4.  Give them a special job in your ceremony.

With this option, you have many different choices to choose from. A couple of our favorites include:

a. Making your furry friend a sign or ring bearer

b. Carrying your (small) pets in a basket as a replacement to a floral bouquet

c.  Having them escort your flower girl down the aisle

d. Have them stand in line with the rest of your bridal party

e. Include them in your vows to one another

Now that you’ve read up on some fun, and amazingly adorable ideas of including man’s best friend in your wedding, make sure that you follow a few other basic tips.

  1. Keep them spic and span. At least a week before take your pet to be groomed, washed, trimmed or whatever other maintenance that may be required. Remember if they’re going to be in the photos you’ll want them looking just as good at the two of you do.
  2. If you bring your dog to the ceremony, make sure that you have someone who is responsible or handling them when you are busy off taking photos, getting ready, socializing, ect.
  3. Make sure your venue is pet friendly, because not all are. However if you’re looking for someplace that is, make sure to check out Pine Manor, a small and intimate wedding venue in the Chicago suburbs. Welcoming pets of various sizes. The Reverend wants to make your ceremony completely personalized, and if including your pet is what means a lot to you then she’ll be more than happy to lend a hand and help out. To learn more about her venue check out THIS website. Or to book your special day including your pet, give Pam a call at 847-873-7463.

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