Now Trending: Changing Your Name After Marriage?


Now Trending: Changing Your Name After Marriage?

Getting married can be the easy part, choosing a possible new identity can be tricky.

Right now, in this day and age it has become more and more acceptable to change your name. But your name says a lot about you, its your identity. Before you get married you need to decide if you’ll change your name or not. When it comes to making that choice you have some options. With major life changes, like getting married, it will be much easier now to change your name-change-ideas-after-marriagename then t will be later on.

Typically the process includes going in front of a judge, paying court and filling fees, and having to post it in the paper for a month. When you have your name legally changed after a marriage you just bring a certified copy to the Social Security Office and tell them that you’ve gotten married and need to change your name. After you receive your new social security card, you take it to the DMV and so on to update other official records. So if you’re thinking about changing your name, you better know your options.

Choice #1: Keep your name-

If you are looking for something quick and easy, the easiest thing to do is to just keep your original name, the one that you were born with. Keeping your original name is not the traditional route, but if you’re looking for something modern this might be a fix.

Choice #2: Take your spouse’s last name-

This choice is probably the most traditional. Taking your spouses name tends to be a heterosexual trend, but when it comes to same-sex weddings, this becomes trickier. If it’s too hard for you to choose one name, maybe one of the other following choices may be better.

Choice #3: Make your surname your middle name, and take your partners new name-

This is an old trend among Hispanics and Philippians. However, this trend has become more popular n this day and age. As a way of celebrating who you both are as individuals while still showing your roots, this type of change may be what you are looking for. It is important to note though that some states have additional fees for changing your last name as well as your first.

Choice #4: Hyphenate your name-

This has become a very common solution for the couple that can’t decide what to do with their names. A great solution to the name changing game is hyphenating both names into one. This solution also works well for a partner who has already started a business that cant just easily change their name.

Choice #5: Mix both names together-

For a completely new and unique name, that offers a quirky difference in your identity, you both could choose to mix and match different elements of your name. For example Smith and Johnson become Smisson, or Jones and Brown become Brones. This might be a fun alternative, ad depending on how well your names mix, this might make for a very fun update to your name.

Once you’ve decided on what you want to do, give us a call and we’ll make it official. Wondering how to get your license, or get married quick? Check HERE for that information. Once we have you two lovebirds saying your vows you’ll receive a blue envelope from us a few days later explaining all the steps to changing your names. Best of luck on your wedding planning futures.

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