Children’s T.V features Two Dads; Ways To Feature Your Children in Your Wedding

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Children’s T.V features Two Dads; Ways To Feature Your Children in Your Wedding

If you haven’t seen the news yet, Nickelodeon, a children’s cartoon network on TV has released a new episode of their show Loud Mouth, which features a pair dads compared to the heterosexual relationships constantly portrayed in children’s television.

To view the iconic sneak preview twitter clip, CLICK HERE. This is pretty big news in the LGBT community. Teaching children from a young age that all type of family dynamics are acceptable really helps to influence what they begin to see as normal and relatable when they enter the outside, real life world. 

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While the new T.V show doesn’t showcase current wedding trends, and involving your children. Does not mean that you cant find a way to incorporate your own children into your ceremony. Shown above are all families of mixed races and genders, but incorporating your children is something that can be used in any religious, ethnic, mixed race, or same gender wedding ceremonies.

Now if you have children yourself, and are getting married, or even remarried, trying to find ways to include your children can be a very vital aspect of planning your wedding, and this is where we can step in with some of our own ideas.


  1. Write your kids into your vows.This simple gesture can be a surprise or something that your kids help you right as well. By including them you are showing them that they will still be a very big part of each others lives, and they are still very important to the both of you.
  2. The Kids could “tie the knot” when you’re pronounced married. To also include your child(ren) in this process as a family you could also create the 7ft cord that they will tie around you. To read more about handfasting ceremonies CLICK HERE.
  3. Older kids can be bridesmaids and groomsmen. Although the bridal party tends to be for adults, there’s no reason not to include your older children who are too old to be flower girls or ring bearers in your wedding party. Invite them to the bridal shower, or even the bachelor party (only the PG portions) to make them feel like they are equal to the other members of the party.
  4. Younger children can be flower girls, ring bearers, or sign bearers. This is a quick fix for finding a way to include younger children, and makes for phenomenal photos and happy memories.
  5. After you’ve said your I Do’s and had your first married kiss, have a first family group hug to show how you are all now united as one big happy family.
  6. If you both have children who want to be interacting with each other, try this: sibling vows. A perfect example of this might be along the lines of: Suzy, do you take Alice to be your sister?”Suzy: “Yes.”  “From today on you are officially sisters, a special bond that few others will know. As you age you may fight over toys, clothing, or even boys, but as you grow and learn you’ll realize a special love from deep within. And now today you will share your mom and dad, as siblings united forever.
  7. Present your kids with a ring, necklace or ring on a necklace as part of the ring exchange that they can wear as well to show a unity among your newly created family.

For other ideas and inspiration about how to incorporate your kids into your ceremony click HERE or call Pine Manor to plan your ceremony today.

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