A 30 Day Guide to Getting Married, Just in Time for the Holidays


A 30 Day Guide to Getting Married, Just in Time for the Holidays

As the season begins to wind down, the exciting opportunity to have a wonderful winter wonderland wedding is upon you. If you’re looking for a fabulous holiday wedding that can be planned in the next 30 days then stop looking much further, and let us help you get it all sorted out.

One of the most beneficial steps in planning a last minute holiday wedding would be to set yourself up with a wedding planner, and one who knows what she’s doing. Once you get past that set up there’s plenty of other things you better make sure to consider. Here’s a quick fix of everything that Pine Manor can help you out with to plan your perfect dream wedding in under 30 days:

30 Days Away…

personalized-wine-glassesFigure out the most important things first.

Budget, guest list, and style. Your budget is one of the most important start to planning a wedding. Take a look at how much you’re willing to spend. Pine Manor offers a wide range of budget friendly solutions for any couple. Since a last minute holiday wedding isn’t in most peoples plans for the month you could opt out of a big guest list and plan small first. Under 30 people? Consider Pine Manor, the perfect small intimate wedding location. However, if your looking for more guests, Pine Perks offers great deals with a local banquet hall. To find out more about the prices, look HERE. For more about our local partner, look HERE

Book a reception site, set a date:

Our venue while we can be packed is always willing to work with you to find the perfect date. Offering special deals for anyone who chooses to book mid week or on a non Sunday date. Call us to book your immediate wedding date and place your $75 down deposit to secure it in.

Start a registry, get the information out there:
Looking for a quick way to distribute wedding information to your guests? It’s free to create a website on TheKnot.com, and this might be where you could start. Make sure you set up a registry immediately to give your guests some time to shop for the perfect one-of-a-kind gift. (make sure you post these too to your website)

Create and Mail Out Invitations:
We can help you out with this one, as an add on service we will hand create a digital wedding invitation for you to send out to all of your guests to cordially invite the to your special day.

bridal-unity-candleWedding Attire:
Booking through Pine Manor will allow you to get deals on your wedding attire, and this might be a good place to start, check out THESE great deals. Since you won’t have much time for fittings and custom designs try to find a same day pick up. If this doesn’t intrigue you maybe check out Ann Taylor for classic and simple silhouettes, or even Nordstrom for a chance to strike it big. When it comes to a suit, try renting one, totally on trend, and affordable.

Bridal Party:

While working with a short time frame you might be best off recommending a color or style and asking your friends to find the best that they can to match it. Have everyone find a long dress, or something in emerald. Leave the neckline options open. You can even opt for a little black dress from everyone’s outfit.


25 days…

Book ALL of your vendors:

This may be one of the biggest and most important steps we can help you in taking. With all of our great vendors we can hook you up with everyone you need from video, photography, baker, florist, live music. Since we frequently work with these vendors, booking with us will allow you the best deals.

Florist- Rev. Pam will make you some of the most beautiful bouquets you can imagine. She has an account with a flower vendor that allows her to get all flowers fresh from the coolers at 6 am to do her magick to create the best she can offer. MORE HERE

Videographer– Special Pine Manor Price for 2 Hours, which will give you access to a short youtube video and DVD of raw footage. Bea and Steve are dedicated to providing the best quality videography at the best possible price. Location discount given if Rev Pam is marrying you!

Photographer– Still Wedding Photography Special Pine Manor Discount $250 packages. $300 Everything Wedding includes a text message image sent to your cell and DVD of all the images. Special discount prices for engagement photo shoot and your location wedding.

Cake Baker– This bakery promises to provide a cake as amazing as the people who work there are. From the start they have provided cakes, and other sweet treats that al of our couples, and their guests have raved over so many times. Even their chocolate covered strawberries are special, dressed up like brides and grooms, these all-sex treats can be ordered in any combination. All Grooms or all brides.

All other Pine Perks to view can be found HERE.

20 days…

Plan the ceremony.
Rev Pam, after many years of experience knows how to write the perfect, unique ceremony that will math the exact needs. To preview some of her ceremonies check THIS out. Looking for other traditions? There are plenty to check out HERE.

Booking a wedding with us gives you a pretty sweet deal for a local hotel, with a hot tub in room, for “after wedding activities” If you’re looking to get out of town, mid-week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are when airfare will be the cheapest. To know more about this offering, check HERE.

Shop and buy wedding rings.
If you can’t get the one you want in time, order the ones you love anyway and find a placeholder for the ceremony. If your looking for rings NOW, check out our deal with this vendor, found HERE.

15 Days..

Buy all of your accessories. 

The finishing touches on your day of wardrobe might include things like the veil, shoes and accessories—and decide on your “something old, new, borrowed and blue.” For more on this tradition check out THIS article.

Finalize a head count. Create a seating chart (if you’re having one).

Tables might not be in your plans, but if they are a seating chart will most certainly help. Make sure to give your caterer, venue, and officiant a heads up o your head count for your big date.

10 Days…

wedding-partyFinish paying off everything so there are no issues.

Buy gifts (or favors) for guests, bridal party, parents and each other.
Sometimes a special gift for a few people might be what your looking at. Other options include one gift for all guests to take home. Something small that’s easy to carry is a fun option.

Shop and pack for the honeymoon.

Prepare your wedding toast.

Thank-yous to family and friends are prepared.

5 Days…

Apply for your marriage license together.
A simple an easy step to getting married, to understand the process of how to get married in Cook County, check out THIS article.

Gather an overnight bag for the night of the wedding.

Get married!

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