Monthly Archives:December 2015

Married together as one on December 29th 2015. Eliza & Yaritza Castillo were married at noon with a gorgeous yellow and gray winter wedding.

Gray and Yellow Wedding Gallery for Eliza & Yaritza Castillo

Even though it was a chilly winter afternoon there was nothing but a loving and warm atmosphere felt in the room during this wedding. These lovebirds definitely know how to rock their wedding day. ¬†Eliza and Yaritza Castillo were married at Pine Manor at noon on December 29 2015. Their color scheme of yellow and gray rang a very strong melody of the “You are my sunshine” song as they enjoyed their afternoon together with their guests.

Congratulation to the amazing couple of Craig and David, Married on December 3rd.

David Pistone & Craig Moore Blue Personalized Wedding

While it was not quite yet winter, it sure felt like it. And while the weather outside was chilled, the love and warmth felt between David Pistone & Craig Moore was strong. Married at 12:30 pm on December 3, 2015 at Pine Manor. This couple was wonderful to work with.